Flavors for Soft Serve Ice Cream, Soft Serve Frozen Yogurt and Any Type of Soft Serve Mix
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Request your latest Magical Flavors catalog.  Visit http://www.magicalflavors.com 

Delight your customers daily by rotating delicious and exotic flavors on demand. Add Magical Flavors
to your soft-serve ice cream or yogurt base such as sweet, plain, tart, vanilla, and chocolate yogurt base to create over 200
delicious soft serve flavors in-house and on-demand.

Magical Flavors do not contain added sugars, feel free to create fantastic sugar-free flavors by adding
Magical Flavors to your sugar-free soft-serve frozen yogurt mix. Create amazing organic soft serve flavors
by adding an ounce of Magical Flavor per gallon (or add two ounces for higher flavor intensity) of
your organic yogurt mix. You can also create delicious Kosher/Halal Frozen Yogurt Flavors as Magical
Flavors are Parve or Pareve Kosher.

Magical Flavors are a breeze to use. Small and easy to store. No refrigeration is required. Give your
customers fresh flavors with always consistent taste. No more worries on slow moving flavors as you can
easily change them without losing tons of monies. Offer your customers more variety more often and
increase your sales.

We have over 200 flavors and counting. We have been nationally acclaimed as pioneers in premium
soft-serve flavors. Magical Flavors is an exclusive yogurt flavor mix product created by
Yogurt Distribution Company especially for the soft-serve ice cream and frozen yogurt stores around the world.

Request your latest Magical Flavors catalog.  Visit http://www.magicalflavors.com
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